Colleen MacKenzie Meringer


Jonathan Robert Leon

Colleen MacKenzie Meringer and Jonathan Robert Leon

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Our Story

Jonathan and Colleen met in 2015 at the Oakmont Tavern. Many beers were drank and many laughs were had. Jonathan stole Colleen's heart with his unwavering kindness and endless humor. Colleen captured Jonathan's attention with her congenial charm and surprising skill at darts.

Their time spent together now is mostly occupied by their dog, Beauregard. Both, Jonathan and Colleen, enjoy hiking many of the beautiful parks that Pittsburgh and it's surrounding areas hold and the occasional date night that includes bowling, mini golf, or a movie and dinner at their favorite Thai restaurant, Nicky's, downtown.

In September, after dinner at Nicky's, mini golfing, and many games of bowling, Jonathan surprised Colleen by getting down on one knee and proposing to her.

They're so excited to start the next phase of their lives together and can't wait to celebrate with you this coming September!
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